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“My Earthly initiation as a Healing Arts Practitioner and Teacher began with my first breath on this planet.  I am highly sensitive and was born with an expanded conscious awareness and use of all of my clairsenses.  I was also born with a conscious recall of the multidimensional healing energies, techniques and their utilization.  I have been healing and seeing from a very young age, using what I call fifth dimensional Sacred geometry and the energy vibrations from the upper realms.  I also remain deeply connected to Gaia and the Sacred healing energies She provides.  I continue to call upon all of these energies and my extensive experience during my healing work.  I have had many Earthly teachers and gained a vast amount of trainings and certifications.  My healing practice is one of the Wise Woman and Shamanic traditions.  Therefore, much of my training and information comes from the upper realms and Master Ancestors through dreamtime, vision quests, and journeying.  I am passionately dedicated to assisting women in finding their empowerment, truth, and strength.

Healing Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Ann Rene”

“Every appointment since then has been a plethora of insights that have not only allowed me to finally hear my inner voice but also taught me to discern the actions of my soul and discover my true self. Rev. Ann Rene is truly gifted and her dedication to healing others is awe inspiring.” 

Rev. Dr. Ann Rene is an author, Energy and Spiritual Practitioner, Minister and Teacher who holds a broad spectrum of certifications and training in traditional healing therapies. 

She has traveled the world extensively studying healing techniques, energy therapies, botanical therapies, herbalism, shamanism, indigenous Spirituality, and esoteric teachings.  Her life’s work is dedicated to holistic healing, Spirituality and the enlightenment, betterment and empowerment of humankind.  Rev. Ann Rene’s calling and focus within her healing practice and wellness center resides in women’s health, healing, empowerment, and well-being.

Rev. Dr. Ann Rene has over twenty years of professional experience in the Healing Arts and maintains a prolific practice in Centennial, Colorado and a retreat center just outside of Conifer, Colorado.  She is the founder and operator of Wise Woman Wellness, LLC, Wise Woman Wellness Retreat & Learning Center, the innovator of the Energetic Ethics Program, The Empowered Goddess Program, and Energetic Trauma Recovery Therapy. Rev. Dr. Ann Rene is also the author of Spiritual Evolution: A Basic Guide to Spiritual Growth and the Ascension Process” which is available online through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Lisa is Wise Woman Wellness’s Logistical Manager and Client Support person.

She comes from a diverse background including eight years in Western Medicine in nursing and college level teaching applications, and prior to that spent ten years as a Telecommunications technician.

Lisa also spent time as a young adult working for the Forest Service in northern Idaho as a fire lookout.  Long, long before that, she logged countless hours building dog houses and rabbit hutches as a kid.  Lisa has long been described as a renaissance person with a quick wit, fabulous sense of humor, a background in art, writing, and music, and has an insatiable love of history.

She is a lover of animals and the outdoors and provides hands-on, down to Earth caring and support to Wise Woman Wellness, LLC and our Wise Woman Wellness Retreat & Learning Center.