Ann’s Educational Bio

“I was born with an innate curiosity and incurable studious passion.  I am, and will always be, a student of Life and Light.  I feel we all have the capacity to learn something new each and every day, as each moment brings the healing opportunity for one to integrate a different perspective.  I was seeing and healing from a very young age and have learned great things from these experiences.  From the time I could walk I spent countless hours in nature- spending time with Gaia one of the greatest Teachers of All. 

I am proud and truly honored to call Her Mother.  I began meditating, lucid dreaming, and journeying at an extremely young age, this came as natural to me as breathing.  Much information was, and still is, relayed during these times. My ‘education’ has been rich and exceptionally multifaceted.  I was born with a native ancestral lineage and will never forget the visit I took to the reservation the summer I turned twelve years old. 

I spent the afternoon alone with an elder who called herself Grandmother.  Although I cannot share with you what we spoke of, that is Sacredly sealed, I can tell you it opened an energetic door.  I stepped over the threshold.  I had my very first conscious and exceedingly tactile out-of-body experience the summer I turned thirteen. 

Yet another energetic door opened wide- this one to tremendous Self-study.  I read everything with regard to Spiritual matters that I could get my hands on.  I studied Sacred text, healing techniques, meditation, philosophy, and theology.  All of which became a confirmation with regard to the information I was born with, and remembered, from previous lifetimes and eons passed. 

It is with a great Sacred sense and honor I do the work that I do.  I am, and always have been, completely
dedicated to the betterment of humankind, the Universe, and the Greater Good of All.  As I continue through this
lifetime, and the times to come, I look forward to continuing my work and sharing my knowledge and experience.”


Ann Rene.


During each treatment session with a client Rev. Ann Rene always uses the full extent of her clairsenses, experience, training, and knowledge.  Each session is tailored to meet your healing needs within the given moment.  Rev. Ann Rene is impeccable in her work and considers each session Sacred as she sets the intention and energy for the Highest and Greatest Good of All.  The following descriptions detail Rev. Ann Rene’s training and certifications within the Healing Arts Profession and the type of work she provides.

Rev. Ann Rene is an ordained, non-denominational, Interfaith, and Metaphysical Minister.

She has been ordained through both the Esoteric Theological Seminary by the Metaphysical Interfaith Church and through the Sacred Spaces House of Light Church.  Rev. Ann Rene has no affiliation with a specific church or religious organization.  She embraces all beliefs and religions as valid and those seeking Spiritual counsel and guidance are met with unconditional acceptance.

Rev. Ann Rene is a Certified Spiritual Practitioner.

She received her certification from the Arvigo Institute in Belize and has been trained in both levels of Maya Spiritual healing by Dr. Rosita Arvigo.  Ancient traditional techniques are utilized in assisting clients in healing imbalance created by the after effects of trauma.  Rev. Ann Rene has also studied with Ms. Beatrice, many other shamans, and other wise women healers around the globe.

Rev. Ann Rene is a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

She received her Usui Reiki Master Teacher level certification through Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher Joanne Hibbert, R.N., T.T.P.  Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy.  Dr. Mikao Usui re-introduced this ancient energy healing technique to the planet in the late nineteenth century.  Reiki practitioners utilize specific intention, energy, and hands-on touch during a Reiki session. Reiki is a holistic energy therapy which promotes well-being, balance, and harmony as it affects the physical, emotional, mental, heart, soul, energetic, and Spiritual aspects of one’s self. 

Rev. Ann Rene is a Certified Karuna Healing Master Teacher.

She received her training from Certified Karuna Healing Master Teacher Joanne Hibbert, R.N., T.T.P.  Karuna Healing is an energy therapy based in the wisdom of Unconditional Love and Universal Compassion which facilitates one’s awakening and ascension into Divine Love and Light.

Rev. Ann Rene is a Certified Master of Crystology.

She received her Master of Crystology Certification through Certified and Accredited instructor Karen Kuk-Nagle. The holistic modality of Crystology was developed by internationally known and bestselling author “Melody.”  Rev. Ann Rene is attuned, initiated, and has knowledge of the powerful healing attributes of the mineral realm.  When using crystals and stones within a treatment session, Rev. Ann Rene accesses and utilizes the healing vibrational frequencies and energies of the mineral realm which supports whole healing, harmony, balance, and the well-being of her clients.

Rev. Ann Rene is a Certified Colorpuncture Practitioner.

She received her certification in Colorpuncture from the International Mandel Institute of Switzerland.
Colorpuncture was developed by Dr. Peter Mandel and combines the concepts of Chinese Medicine, the ancient esoteric principles of the Hermetic Doctrines, and the scientific discoveries of the biophysics of light.  Colorpuncture is a noninvasive modality in which various frequencies of light or specially designed crystals are applied to acupuncture points and reflective zones on the body.

Rev. Ann Rene is a Certified Massage Therapist.

She received her certification in Massage Therapy from the Massage Institute of Colorado and has over 2,000 hours of training in the field of Massage Therapy.  She was also recognized by the school upon graduation with a letter of honors and excellence in the study and practice of massage therapy.  She was given the award for the exceptional energy and effort put forth above and beyond the ordinary in developing herself as an outstanding practitioner.  She has also traveled the globe extensively studying different indigenous bodywork techniques and modalities.

Rev. Ann Rene is a Certified Trauma Touch Therapist.

She received her certification from the Colorado School of Healing Arts.  Trauma Touch Therapy is a
certified program designed to meet the needs of clients with trauma and abuse histories.

Rev. Ann Rene is an International Certified Psychic and Medium.

Having read for women all over the world, most experience her readings as life changing. Rev. Ann Rene reads from a place of empowerment and validation, utilizing her expanded clairsenses. Each reading is unique and tailored to suit the needs of the individual woman within the given moment. It is important to understand: No one can tell you your future, nothing is written in stone, and the only constant is change. Rev. Ann Rene reads energetic potentials and follows out each energy pattern and potential from the present moment of each session. Rev. Ann Rene is also a Medium and has had the capacity to communicate with beings that have passed since she was a little girl. There is no way to guarantee a passed loved one will make themselves known during a session. Rev. Ann Rene also communicates with your Guides, the Angelic Realm, and the Higher Realms- utilizing this information during your session time.  She has the capacity to access past life information, contracts and agreements, soul group information, the Akashic records, other realms, and current life path information.  Rev. Ann Rene also teaches information packed, useful, and practical classes in psychic and intuitive development.

Rev. Ann Rene is a Shamanic Practitioner.

Rev. Ann Rene has traveled the world extensively studying healing techniques, Shamanism, indigenous Spirituality, and Esoteric teachings. She utilizes Spiritual counsel, soul retrieval, calling the soul back Home to self, Spiritual bathing, botanical guidance, vibrational medicine, extraction, and Shamanic journeying within this heart centered work, pulling from the rich healing traditions which have been practiced around the world for thousands of years. Each individual healing path is honored as Sacred, for each path is as unique as a fingerprint.

Rev. Ann Rene is a Certified Herbalist and Nutritionist.   

She received her certification in Herbalism and Nutrition from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, Colorado.  Rev. Ann Rene has also spent the past twenty years traveling the world studying herbalism and food as medicine with numerous shamans, wise women, and herbalists.  Gaia provides us with all that may be required to heal and right imbalance.  Plants, the food you eat, and herbs are one of the most powerful healing energies available to us on this planet.  Each plant has a soul, a healing energy it provides.   Long before western medicine came on the scene there were those of us who remembered, had knowledge of, and utilized plants for healing.  This is where modern pharmacology finds its roots. Rev. Ann Rene continues this tradition through herbal guidance, education, nutrition, and botanical therapy.  She provides herbal and nutritional consultation and may create your own custom herbal formula.  Herbs, the food you eat, and supplements act holistically and impact your state of well being on all levels, addressing the totality of imbalance.  All of these things must be taken consistently and in the proper dosage to be effective.   It takes time to impact chronic imbalance and it may therefore take six to eight weeks of consistent use before you begin to experience shifts and changes.  Herbs, nutrition, and herbal consultations are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

Rev. Ann Rene is a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner.

She received her certification from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, Colorado.  Flower essences are energetically infused remedies that hold a space for vibratory harmony.  These potent remedies are imprinted with the balanced energetic frequencies of flowers.  They support optimal health and well-being on all levels.  Flowers contain all five elements: ether, air, water, fire, and Earth.  Flowers symbolize and embody joy, growth, and creation—the Vital Life Force itself.  Flowers do not have an ego and hold a pristine vibratory state of perfection for they are untouched by human negativity.  These powerful energetically imprinted essences reach deep down into your being, bypassing the ego, and third dimensional physicality.  Every flower has an individual healing essence of vibratory purity that it provides and has to share.  When flower essence remedies are properly made, these powerful extracts holistically hold the energetic essence and healing properties of the individual flower.  This provides potent support as these essences hold a space of balance, harmony, creative potential, and energetic purity.  Each soothing flower essence remedy provides delivery of effective healing attributes with ease of use and application.   These gentle, yet impactful, remedies have no contraindications.


Additionally, Rev. Ann Rene has extensive training and certificates of completion in the following therapies and modalities: Aromatherapy, Basic and Advanced Energy Techniques, Basic and Advanced Bodywork Techniques, Botanical Therapy and Guidance, Chakra and Aura work, Essential Oil Therapy, Esoteric Teachings, Essence Therapy, Flower of Life, Meditation, Mediumship, Psychic Reading, Reflexology, and Shamanism.

The following is a continued description of the diverse healing therapies and energy modalities Rev. Ann Rene may use within a treatment session.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Therapy: 

Traditionally used for thousands of years, essential oils offer a deeply impactful support on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual, and energetic.  Every plant has a soul and an individual healing essence it provides.  Essential oil holds the energetic essence and concentrated healing properties of that particular plant.  Essential oils have the ability to penetrate your entire being as they offer profound support in righting imbalance.  When properly used there are no harmful side effects.   Rev. Ann Rene has developed and formulated an entire line of salves and balms which deliver the potent healing attributes of essential oils with ease of use and application.

Aura Therapy, Chakra Therapy, and Advanced Energy Therapy: 

This deeply powerful and impactful energy therapy and vibrational medicine is utilized in the clearing and balancing of your personal energy fields, channels, bodies, and centers.  When energetic imbalance resides within these systems, you are impacted on all levels and may experience exhaustion, depression, confusion, sleep disturbances, headaches, pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, fear, distrust, lack of abundance, lack of passion, or a myriad of many other symptoms.  When brought into a more balanced state of energetic being, a better quality of life is achieved.  This work strongly supports Spiritual growth, conscious awareness, enlightenment, harmony, and well being on all levels.

Essence Therapy: 

Essences holistically and greatly impact healing shifts and changes on all levels.  Essences hold the healing frequency, energy, attributes, and vibration of flowers, herbs, crystals, gemstones, and Sacred places or spaces.  Rev. Ann Rene may utilize essences within a healing session through Spiritual bathing, sublingual application, and application on Chakras, reflex zones, or acupuncture points.  Rev. Ann Rene may also send you home with a personalized custom Essence Elixir blend which strongly supports your healing process.  Rev. Ann Rene has developed several Essence Elixirs which are available through Wise Woman Wellness.


Rev. Ann Rene has studied many different forms of meditation and has well over thirty years of use, training, and experience in the practice and art of meditation.  She has been a professional meditation instructor for over twenty years.  Current research shows how impactful meditation can be in the reduction of stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, panic attacks, headaches, pain, and many other common imbalances.  Rev. Ann Rene brings a modern approach to her meditation classes, relaying quick, easy to use, practical, and applicable meditation exercises. You may also find her amazingly impactful audio guided meditations available for download through our Wise Woman Wellness shopping cart.


There are many reflective zones and points which exist on the ears, hands, feet, and body.  Energetic harmony and balance are facilitated when touch, pressure, light, sound, oils, herbs or essences are applied to these areas of reflection.  Reflexology is a holistic therapy which has the potential to relieve many symptoms of imbalance and bring about a more balanced and harmonious state of being.

Sound Therapy: 

Use of the healing vibrations of sound and music reaches back eons. Rev. Ann Rene may use drumming, rattling, toning, sounding, singing, chanting, chimes, or tuning forks within a treatment session.  She uses tuning forks and chimes specifically designed for health and healing.  Sound therapy works on a vibrational level as the healing frequencies of sound penetrate your energy field and centers facilitating a balanced state of being. Rev. Ann Rene may also suggest the home use of sounding or toning (using your own voice) during meditation or self-reflection exercises.

*None of the therapies or practices listed on this website are to be viewed as a substitution for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.  Rev. Ann Rene is not a medical doctor or a psychologist.  If you have concerns with regard to any medical or psychological issues please consult a medical doctor or psychologist. 

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