Individual Sessions

meditationEach individual session with Rev. Ann Rene can unfold very differently as each woman’s healing needs will shift, change, and vary as she moves through her experience of Life.  Much of the time within a first session will be spent on the intake process and getting to know you and your healing goals. First sessions are usually 60 to 90 minutes long.  Follow up sessions are 60 minutes long and provide foundational tools of empowerment tailored to meet your needs within your individual healing journey.  Rev. Ann Rene works to support optimal health on all levels from a holistic perspective.  This means she addresses all aspects of self within each and every personally tailored protocol from a physical, emotional, mental, heart, energetic, and soul level.  Therefore early sessions usually involve getting foundational support in place through life style additions, energy therapies, education, nutritional guidance, botanical guidance, and support.  Rev. Ann Rene also relays extensive knowledge and tools of empowerment during any individual treatment session.  Rev. Ann Rene offers many reasonably priced classes and free events which support and provide foundational knowledge, Spiritual growth, and energetic tools of empowerment.  These classes and free events are a cost effective way for you to expand, build, and gain vital and important tools of empowerment.

Each session is $65.

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Phone: (303) 638-9131

I want to pen a note of sincere thanks for your guidance over these past few months. I have learned, grown, and really enjoyed the process of awakening. Thank you so much for generously sharing yourself and helping me along my path. Great stuff!

Her training and education offers an enhanced understanding of the human body and its integration with the human spirit. I can personally recommend her.”

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