Wise Woman Energy Medicine Program

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Healing Greetings Ladies!

It is with a Sacred sense of honor, excitement, and passion that I have created a very special and unique Energy Medicine course of study just for you!

About the program:

  • Includes all instruction, materials, handouts, curriculum, homework grading, all take-home goodies, experiential exercises, hands-on learning, traditional Wise Woman holistic healing knowledge, powerful healing tools, and a beautiful certificate upon completion.
  • You will receive a strong foundation and advanced tools in Energy Medicine and Shamanism. This is a beginning to intermediate level of study, and even experienced healing arts and energy practitioners will find educational value within this curriculum.
  • This unique program combines the knowledge of ancient traditional healing practices, Shamanism, numerous energy healing modalities, esoteric healing knowledge, channeled information, and over 25 years of modern day healing arts experience.
  • We will explore a plethora of potent foundational and advanced tools and numerous easy to use Energy Medicine skills, Shamanism, Mediumship, and Psychic development. Your training will be applicable for self, family, friends, and client healing support.  Whether you are looking to expand your own healing support or your healing arts practice, this program is for you!
  • This course of study is profoundly empowering, transformational, and a life changing journey. Join us in learning about the holistic healing beauty and magic that exists beyond the physical world.
  • Dr. Ann Rene will be sharing her own extensive psychic, Shamanic, and energy spirit medicine knowledge and experience with you.
  • The Energy Medicine program is a thirteen month course. Most classes are held on Sundays meeting an average of once a month.
  • This is a women’s only program with eight participant spaces.
  • Total tuition cost is $1280. A payment plan is available.
  • Prerequisites: Usui Reiki I & II Practitioner certification and Wise Woman Holistic Herbal program certification.
  • Contact Ann via email at info@wise-woman-wellness.com or by phone at (303) 638-9131 for more information.

About the instructor:

Rev. Dr. Ann Rene is an author, Holistic Practitioner, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Psychic Medium, Modern Day Shaman, and Teacher who holds two PhDs in Metaphysics, Spiritual Healing and Counseling and also a broad spectrum of certifications and training in numerous healing therapies.  She has traveled the world extensively studying healing techniques, energy therapies, botanical therapies, herbalism, Shamanism, indigenous Spirituality, and esoteric teachings.  Her life’s work is dedicated to holistic healing, Spirituality and the enlightenment, betterment and empowerment of humankind.  Rev. Dr. Ann Rene’s calling and focus within her healing practice resides in women’s health, healing, empowerment, and well-being.  Rev. Dr. Ann Rene has over twenty-two years of professional experience in the Healing Arts and maintains a prolific practice in Centennial, Colorado.  More information about Rev. Dr. Ann Rene can be found at www.wise-woman-wellness.com.  Energy Medicine, Shamanism, or consultations are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

When you teach a woman how to heal herself—you teach her how to heal the world. 


        Teaching from the Heart          


teaching from the heart

Healing from the Heart

      Learning from the Heart

Copyright 2014 to present Rev. Dr. Ann Rene.  No part of this document or program curriculum shall be used, copied, or disseminated in any way, shape, or form for any reason what-so-ever. Receiving this information is a Sacred privilege.