Wise Woman Holistic Herbalism Program

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Wise Woman Holistic Herbalism Program

Herbal Greetings Ladies!

It is with a Sacred sense of honor, excitement, and passion that I have created a very special and unique herbal program just for you!

About this Empowering Program:     

  • Includes all instruction, materials, detailed handouts, curriculum, homework grading, fun hands-on herbal medicine making, recipes, all take-home goodies, experiential exercises, hands-on learning, traditional Wise Woman holistic herbal knowledge, and a beautiful Wise Woman Holistic Herbalism certificate upon completion.
  • You will receive a strong foundation in holistic herbalism and medicine making. This is a beginning to intermediate level of study, and yet even experienced herbalists will find educational treasures here. (This is not a clinical medical herbalism course of study.)
  • We will combine book knowledge and study, research, ancient Wise Woman herbal traditions, using food as medicine, medicine making knowledge, ritual, and ceremony. You will learn how to make and properly use your own herbal medicines!  You will learn how to take charge of your well-being and save tons of money making your own herbal medicine!
  • Rev. Dr. Ann Rene, a certified clinical herbalist and nutritionist, will be sharing her extensive knowledge and experience with you.
  • We will explore herbs for health and well-being, herbs and the body systems, herbs for pets and children, plant identification, and wildcrafting. We will delve deeply into the medicinal herb garden, plant spirit medicine, natural bath and body care, herbal medicine making, medicinal formulation, and how to create an apothecary.  You will discover and understand flower essences and aromatherapy.  You will learn how to harvest, dry, and store your herbs and the proper form, dosing, and use of herbal medicine.
  • This program is profoundly empowering and transformational, and will be a life changing journey. Join us in learning about the holistic healing beauty and magic of nature.
  • The Wise Woman Holistic Herbalism Program is a prerequisite for the Wise Woman Energy Medicine Program.
  • 147 total class hours
  • Contact Ann via email at info@wise-woman-wellness.com or by phone at (303) 638-9131 to learn more.


About the Instructor:

Rev. Dr. Ann Rene is a Certified Herbalist and Nutritionist.  She received her certification in Herbalism and Nutrition from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, Colorado. Rev. Dr. Ann Rene has also spent the past twenty years traveling the world studying herbalism and food as medicine with numerous shamans, wise women, and herbalists.  She continues this tradition through herbal guidance, education, nutrition, and botanical therapies within her own healing arts practice. Rev. Dr. Ann Rene provides herbal and nutritional consultations to her clients.  Herbs, the food you eat, and supplementation act holistically and impact your state of well-being on all levels, addressing the totality of imbalance. Herbs, nutrition, supplementation, and herbal consultations are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.  For more information about Rev. Dr. Ann Rene and to view her full bio visit her website at www.wise-woman-wellness.com.  

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Custom Individual Healing Retreats, Classes, Events, and Gatherings   

Ladies!  Don’t see what you want?  Interested in hosting a class, event, that special holiday celebration, Goddess party, or group gathering?  Are you interested in your own individual healing retreat?  Contact Rev. Dr. Ann Rene via email at info@wise-woman-wellness.com or by phone at (303) 638-9131 to create your very own custom healing experience.  All custom retreats, classes, events, and gatherings are women only.