Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Wise Woman Wellness has two Colorado locations.  Our gorgeous Wise Woman Wellness Retreat & Learning Center is open June through September with additional availability by appointment only.  Wise Woman Wellness also finds a year round home in Centennial.

Our Centennial location is home-based as opposed to a commercial rental space.  Why?  This was a conscious choice and a common mode of practice and tradition for most Shamanic Practitioners.  The type of work I do is Heart centered and hearth based.  This energy is best translated and embodied through a home-based practice.  I am also committed to offering services, education, and products of the highest and finest quality at the fairest prices possible.  Sincerity, honesty, impeccability, and a genuine desire to be of service is ever present.  Our beautiful Centennial location offers a full Apothecary, Gift Shop, individual sessions, consultations, classes, free events, a large medicinal herb garden, warmth, privacy, safety, Love, and Light.

Our Wise Woman Wellness Retreat & Learning Center is located on 5 acres in the mountains just outside of Conifer, Colorado.  Our Retreat & Learning Center is the perfect place to come relax, heal, and reconnect with nature and your Self!

Our unique and empowering wellness products are also available online through our shopping cart.

What can I expect when I come to see you for a session?

Each session can be very different and is tailored to suit the individual woman (or child) and specific needs within the given moment.  During any session I utilize all of my experience, knowledge, and clairsenses.  I do my very best to provide supportive guidance and facilitate healing, growth, empowerment, well being, and balance on all levels.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my first session with you?

Yes.  Ask yourself what you would like to get out of our time together.  Reflect upon the issue you would like addressed within the session.  Make a note of what you have done, or are doing, to address the issue and what seems to be working, or not working, in addressing the issue.  Make a list of any questions you may have and want addressed during the session.  If you are open to, or interested in, botanical direction and herbal consultation, bring a list of all medications, supplements, herbs, essences, and anything else you are currently taking.  Please include the brand name and dosage.  Wearing comfortable clothing will help you feel more relaxed during your session.  You may also consider bringing a pen and paper with you for note taking.  You will be receiving a lot of useful tools, healing suggestions, and information during your session.  It can be extremely helpful to have notes to reference at a later time.

What if I don’t know exactly why I am coming in to see you or exactly what I want from our session together?

It is quite common for women to come in and see me for a session, especially for the first time, without clarity as to why they have come in or what they would like to get out of our time together.  During a session I ask questions, receive intuitive information, and scan you energetically.  I then utilize this information to determine what best suits your healing needs and how our session time will be best spent.

How long is a session?

A session is approximately one hour long.  Some sessions, especially first sessions, are an hour and a half long.  Children’s sessions are an average of 30 minutes long.

Do you offer phone or email sessions?

No.  I only offer sessions in person.

What form of payment do you accept?

Wise Woman Wellness accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, personal checks (from established clients), or cash.  Our fabulous products and organic herbs may be purchased in person at our Centennial or Conifer Apothecary and Gift Shops, by phone at (303) 638-9131, via email at info@ wise-woman-wellness.com, or online through our website.

How much do you charge?

I charge $65 per session.  Children’s sessions that run 3o minutes are $35.  If your child’s appointment runs over 3o minutes the charge will be greater than $35.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, gift certificates are available for purchase.

Do you see male clients?

No.  I specialize in women’s empowerment, whole health, holistic healing, and well being.

Why don’t you offer free shipping for the products on your website?

Wise Woman Wellness is a small business that offers the finest quality small batch products and treasures you just won’t find anywhere else!  Most everything is self published and hand-crafted by Rev. Ann Rene.  To keep our prices as low as possible we do ask you pay a minimal shipping fee to assist in covering the shipping and handling cost of your order.  Wise Woman Wellness does offer regular specials.

A lot of healers or ministers don’t charge a fee for their time and service.  Some people even say you shouldn’t charge for healing or spiritual work.  Why do you charge a fee for what you do?

I am an Interfaith Minister and have no affiliation with any church or organization.  I do not receive a salary or financial support from any church or organization as many Ministers do.  Traditionally, Wise Women, Healers or Shamans were taken care of by the community they served.  Shelter, food, and other necessities were provided by the community they served.  I live in a modern American society and am self-employed.  I meet my own basic needs.  For example, when I go to the grocery store, I have to pay for my groceries just like everyone else.  I charge an extremely reasonable, ethical, and affordable amount for my time, products, classes, retreats, and services.  I also provide, on a daily basis, a vast amount of pro bono work.

What is a guru or Teacher complex?

A guru complex involves the giving away of one’s personal power, choice and free will to a Spiritual Teacher or Healer.  It is extremely important to know and understand that, just as you are, Teachers and Healing Art Practitioners are physically incarnated on the Earthly realm.  Unfortunately, not all who place themselves in the position of Spiritual Teacher or Healer are ethical.  A True Teacher will support your individual growth process and assist you in connecting with your own Inner Truths.  A True and ethical Healing Arts Practitioner will work to empower you and will not charge an outrageous amount for their time.  Discernment is always of the utmost importance when choosing any Practitioner or Teacher.  It is important to understand, whenever you place someone on a pedestal, an energetic imbalance is created.  You end up handing over your process and personal power to someone else.  Only you can heal yourself and make lasting energetic shifts and changes in your own life.

What is whole healing or holistic healing?

Whole healing or holistic healing is a traditional healing approach that takes into consideration, and addresses, the whole and total of an individual: body, mind, emotional, heart, soul, psychic, energetic, and Spirit.

What is a Spiritual Practitioner?

A Spiritual Practitioner or Spiritual Healer is a professional healing practitioner who addresses Spiritual imbalance through various energetic and traditional healing modalities.

What is Spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing is a traditional healing approach from the perspective and understanding that Spiritual imbalance is the core cause of any imbalance and disease.

What is Spiritual counseling?

Spiritual counseling is assistance, support and guidance in regard to Spiritual matters.

What is Spiritual balance?

Spiritual balance is the experience of a clear, unblocked and open connection to your Authentic Light Self, and therefore, Universal Life Force Energy.

What is the Wise Woman tradition?

The Wise Woman healing tradition is one based in trust of the innate healing wisdom of all women, one which understands, knows, and honors the Sacred Feminine within each and every woman’s body, mind, heart, and soul.  The Wise Woman healing tradition, and Wise Woman Wellness, is founded in providing tools of empowerment to women which strengthen, provide hope and facilitate well being, growth and a better quality of life.

What is a Shaman?

Traditionally, a Shaman was the community healer, Spiritual leader, advisor, teacher and seer whom the local people sought out when in need of assistance in addressing any sort of aliment, imbalance or problem.

How does one become a Shaman?

A person is called to become a Shaman, as I was, it is not something you choose- you are chosen by the Great Council of Light.  It is a Sacred honor to be called, and one of selfless service to community, Mother Earth and all the beings that reside here.  There is extensive and intensive training which takes place within the Earthly third dimensional realm, non-ordinary reality, and the Higher realms.  There are Sacred initiations that take place and there is also an aspect of Ancestral lineage.  It is not a practice one enters into lightly or easily, nor is it a practice one can learn by reading a book or taking a weekend workshop.

What are the clairsenses?

Clairsensing or clair-sensing is the ability to clearly sense other realms, vibrations and energies beyond the Earthly third dimension.  There are several ways this information can come through, as there are several different clairsenses: clairvoyance (to see), clairaudience (to hear), clairsentience (to feel), clairalience (to smell), clairgustance (to taste), and claircognizance (to know).

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