Weekly Affirmations

52 Affirmations

52 Affirmations

Do you struggle with negative thoughts running around in your head?  Thoughts that just bring you down and seem to ruin your entire day?  Or challenging days that just seem to spiral into a negative ick?  Is that monkey mind taunting you?  Would you like some support in shifting those out-of-control thoughts?   Feeling like you could use a bit of an extra boost?

Utilizing daily positive affirmations can assist you in taking your power back from those nasty thoughts that just won’t leave you alone.  Take charge of your thoughts and begin each day supported with positive energy.  Shift your thoughts, shift your experience!  You are more powerful than you think.  When negativity seems to have taken hold of you, and those undesirable thoughts run amuck in your head, it is time to take your power back! Arm yourself with the power of positive thought and give yourself the gift of optimistic confidence.

What do I get?  52 weekly affirmations that provide a positive infusion of energy into your day, encouraging well being and balance on all levels.  Every week you will receive a beautiful positive affirmation.  Each affirmation was written by Rev. Ann Rene and infused with Love, Light, and deeply healing vibrational medicine.  Each photo was taken by Rev. Ann Rene at Sacred sites around the world.  These beautiful creations are an energetically infused experience that will permeate your thoughts with mental balance and positive healing energy.  Use your affirmation each day for one week.  Using the same affirmation daily for an entire week facilitates a deep mental shift and opportunity for full integration.  Use your affirmation upon waking to begin your day, upon falling asleep to end your day, or whenever those unwanted thoughts enter your mind.

How much does it cost?  A mere $5 per month which comes out to $1.15 per weekly affirmation!  Wow!  That’s less than most cups of fancy gourmet coffee!  Save even more by signing up for an entire year.  With the annual option you pay $50 for an entire year of weekly affirmations, 52 total, that drops the price of each affirmation down to ninety-six cents each!

Sign up today!  You have nothing to lose but negativity!

Monthly Subscription -$5 per month for 12 months

Annual Subscription – $50 one time charge (Savings of $10)

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